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An outstanding collection of 27 essays provides both scholarly and practitioner perspectives on the subject of organizational change. Written by consultant and thought leader Bob Marshak, the book provides an unusual look at the development of his ideas over a twenty-five year period. The full collection includes a diverse range of essays never before combined into a single volume.

The presentation is divided into four parts offering broad and in-depth treatments of
  • 1) Organization Development: Past, Present and Future;
  • 2) Cross Cultural Views on Organization Development;
  • 3) Metaphors, Language and Change;
  • 4) Insights for Organization Development Practitioners.

    There is an author's introduction to the book and each part providing background and discussing the origins of each of the essays. Included in the collection are classic discussions about the impact of language and metaphors on organizational change concepts, possibilities, and practices; the theory, practice, and challenges facing the field of Organization Development; and comparisons of traditional East Asian change concepts with Western models. The book will be of special value to students. scholar-practitioners and practitioner-scholars interested in organization development and organizational discourse.

  • About the Author

    Robert J. Marshak is considered one of the leading thinkers about the field of organization development and how metaphors and language influence organizational change. He brings over thirty-five years of consulting experience with corporations and government agencies around the world to his writings, and was recently appointed Senior Scholar in Residence in the School of Public Affairs, American University, Washington, DC. Bob served as the acting editor of the "Journal of Applied Behavioral Science" and is a recipient of the Organization Development Network's Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions as a consultant, educator, and author. He holds a BA from Duke University and MPA and Ph.D. degrees from American University.

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